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2016/17 Season

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“To promote Carp fishing within the British Army through dedicated Qualifying Events and Inter-Service competitions, and to raise the profile of the British Army within the civilian carping community."

The 2015/16 season has now finished. The Army Angling Federation Group 8 (Carp) Section was the brainchild of Craig Turner whose vision was to promote Carp Fishing within the British Army. Since those early days Group 8 has grown alongside our sister group Group 9 in Germany and now both sections are averaging over 70 members each year, far more than any other discipline of Army fishing. To find out how you can get involved click here.

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  • Andy Miles 25lb 2oz Mirror - QE 1 (15/16 Season)

  • Paul Kemp 35lb Common - QE 4

  • Paul Kemp 30lb 9oz Common - QE 3

  • John Bewell 19lb 4oz Common - QE 2

  • Rudi Strydom

  • Andy Thacker 29lb 14oz Common - QE 1

  • Alex Rockett and Dave Greenland

  • Jase Batey showing his delight of a brace

  • Will Crowdy

  • Brad Curtis

  • Michael Currums

  • Barry Hope - Armycarpers Secretary

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