ARMY Carp Festival 2017

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The home of the British Army carp team.

Forces Carp Classic

The Forces Carp Classic (FCC) is a Pairs & Team event, which happens annually in October. It is designed to bring together carp anglers from the three Armed Forces, MOD, Civil Servants & Emergency services.

The event is open to Ex-Serving or Serving members of the Armed Forces (Army, Navy & RAF) as well as the Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance, Prison Officers and Civil Servants) and has been held, for the last eight years at the fantastic Abbey Lakes Complex, France. The venue is just a short hop of 90mins from Calais and is an ideal venue for any first time anglers to France.

It has proven success at being a “Firm, Fair and Friendly” competition with many anglers making it there yearly trip to France now, as it says, its “the only classic to be at”..!!

The competitors’ fish over the course of a week for the right to crowned the Forces Carp Classic Champions (Pairs & Team) and with fishing available on 5 different lakes, for carp of differing sizes but the biggest so far is "Shoulders at 94lbs", sadly due to old age this fish has passed on but the new challengers are coming up through the 70+lbs mark in two of the five lakes. With fish of this size its no wonder the event has grown from strength to strength. The five different lakes over the newcomer all sorts of challenges from 2 x easy/runs waters to 2 x medium/hard waters to the cream of the crop and Heron, the home of monsters which is classed as a hard water. Catching five or six fish a week on this lake is classed as a great week.

There is also cash money and prizes available to all the lake winners and a massive Charity raffle donated from NASH Tackle and some other companies (worth over £5000.00rrp). We have a sponsored ‘Biggest Fish’ competition and the money raised plus that raised at the raffle is split between both GOSH & BLESMA.

The event has proved so popular that we even have pairs booked in for years in advance...!! Especially heading towards 2018 and our 10th year anniversary. So places are in such short supply, you will need to get in early or you will be disappointed. If you are interested in participating or fancy fishing the competition then please check out our website here or facebook page to get the Entry Form.

For security reasons the FB site is locked down but once access has been granted you will be free to roam the pages and ask questions. The website contains the results and galleries from previous years events.

Tight Lines and we hope to see you at our event in the very near future, don’t forget just a £50.00 deposit will confirm your place at the event.

Tim & Russ