Clattercote Reservoir, Banbury

2014/15 Season

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QE 5 Results

Position Peg Number
Number Of Fish
Total Weight
1 12 Chris Burley & Paul Kemp 31 361lb 2oz
2 8 Nathan Pickering & Kev Hudson 39 350lb 9oz
3 7 Jamie Flint & Tim Tyler 38 237lb 3oz
4 5 Jase Batey & Scott Irwin 26 229lb
5 13 Barry Hope & John Bewell 10 123lb 12oz Biggest Fish 19lb 4oz
6 1 Dave Greenland & Alex Rockett 8 103lb 8oz
7 2 Rudi Strydom & Tim Gray 9 100lb 10oz First Fish
8 3 Andy Thacker & Kit Lawlor 8 94lb 2oz
9 4 Di Lewis & Matt Parry 9 82lb 1oz

QE 2 (Apr 15) - Clattercote Reservoir, Banbury

QE2 saw the group descend on Clattercote Reservior near Bandbury. This is the first match after the winter stand down. Expectations of large hauls on this highly stocked venue where high. After the anglers had completed an early morning check of the water the draw took place at 0800hrs, Dave Greenland (RA) the chairman was running late and turned up half hour before the draw and in his usual lucky fashion was pulled from the hat first and choose what was believed to be the best peg on the lake. With some surprise chooses the lads moved off to their swims ready for the 1100hrs all in. The fishing was a lot slower than had been anticipated with many angler rubbing their brows at the frustration of not catching or even seeing a carp. Late on the first day Rudi Strydom (REME) fishing from the dam wall caught the first carp at 16lb, slower than expected the pairs started to catch steady. 24 hours into the match and the unfavoured Peg 12 had produced a considerable lead. Tim Tyler (Rifles) arrived late and joined Jamie Flint (Inf) on Peg 5, with the wind hacking down the lake the conditions were not perfect for surface fishing but some good angling and determination got the carp feeding off the surface. By the final morning over 200lb of carp had been banked during the night by the pair closing the gap massively on the lead. Come the final horn only 1 carp separated the top 2 anglers, a great display of angling from all.

The eventual winners were Paul Kemp (RSig) and Chris Burley (RSig) who had chosen the unfavoured Peg 12. Well done!