Girton Lakes, Lincolnshire

2014/15 Season

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QE 5 Results

Position Peg Number
Number Of Fish
Total Weight
1 2 Paul Kemp & Chris Burley 3 73lb 13oz FF, 30lb 9oz Biggest Fish
2 3 Andy Thacker & Tim Gray 2 46lb 13oz
3 4 Barry Hope & John Bewell - -
4 6 Rudi Strydom & Jan Tredoux - -
5 8 Kit Lawlor - -

QE 3 (May 15) - Girton Lake, Lincolnshire

QE3 was moved at the last minute onto Girton Lakes in Lincolnshire. The 75 acre mature tree lined lake was a stunning venue for the group, the exact stocking was unknown but estimated at around 400 Carp up to 40+lbs. Unfortunately due to work commitments and pace of life only 9 anglers attended the event but all agreed they would attend again the following year. With so much water available the lake was pegged giving about 12 acres per pair. The only drama with so much water is where to fish but with areas as deep as 40 feet careful markering and rig placement was imperative. Tim Gray (Ex Mil) and Andy Thacker (Ex Mil) came out the draw first and chose the peg that had previously produced a good hit the week before. Kit Lawlor (Inf) was fishing on his own and choose to fish away from the main crowd at top end of the lake in the slightly shallower end. Last out the draw was QE2 winners Paul Kemp (RSig) and Chris Burley (RSig) choosing to fish in the teeth of the now gusting wind. The first 24 hours saw no fish banked and a lot of self-doubting. Paul Kemp landed the first Carp at 30.09lb Common this was also to be the largest of the year so far. A total of 5 carp were banked by peg 2 and 3. The eventual winners were Paul Kemp (RSig) and Chris Burley (RSig). Well done!