Willows Lake, West Yorkshire

The home of the British Army carp team.

QE5 - Willows Lake

The final Qualifying Event (QE) for the 2014/15 season will take place on Erics Willows Lakes. At 25 acres in size, the gravel pit was initially established as an exclusive syndicate before being changed to a day ticket fishery in May 2013 in order to fund other development projects in the area. Set in lower Mexborough Estates, the lake is home to a diverse variety of wildlife as a result of the careful management undertaken in partnership with local authorities; this has resulted in the optimum environment for carp to thrive, proven in the stock that is now present. A fantastic venue which promises to be a great match. Good luck to all anglers!

Position Peg Number
Number Of Fish
Total Weight
1 5 Pete Robinson & Tim Tyler 3 84lb 01oz
2 9 Ben Timson 1 53lb 10oz FF BF 53lb 10oz
3 2 Mark Smith & Andy Thacker 2 47lb 08z
4 8 Jase Batey & Adam Croser 1 40lb
5 4 Chris Burley & Paul Kemp 1 9lb
6 10 Tim Gray & Paul Sim - -
7 7 Rudi Strydom & Jan Tredoux - -